Access-One Limited is an audio installation and hifi specialist providing premium music solutions to homes and businesses throughout the Thames Valley as well as farther afield.

There are oodles of data to justify the claim that Linn manufacture the best home audio systems in the world and we are proud to be a dealer and custom install partner of Linn Products Limited.

How it works


Listening to music should be easy

We are passionate about music, and can make anything that you listen to at home sound better; whether that’s computer music files, movies, TV, mobile devices or vinyl record deck. Having helped you to design your ideal solution, which can embrace devices and media that you already own, we can then make it available to you anywhere in your home.


Any time, in any room

In these tough economic times quality matters more than ever and lasting value is a key requirement when considering an important purchase. A bit of homework will show you that Linn has been around for a long time and the kit holds its value. Listening to ‘High Definition’ music really can improve your life. Solutions start from around £1,500.